Yes, I am a sucker for a broody shower scene.  If you aren’t watching Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk in High School King of Savvy (AKA King of High School) than shame on you.  I made this gif for Appa, because she understands Lee Soo Hyuk like I do. (PS, I have a higher quality of this gif if you’re interested, it was too big for Tumblr.


How sexy you are #LeeSooHyuk


All right! and that HOT TRUTH REALIZATION SHOWER SCENE which is always present in any drama. #KingofHighSchool

Poster shoot for King of High School


Instagram Lee Soo Hyuk


oh this red jacket from Saint Laurent. XD


Lee Soo Hyuk looks like he’s trying not to laugh in this scene, and it gives me life.

I’ve always liked him in the roles I’ve seen him play (What’s Up?, White Christmas, Tree With Deep Roots), but he was never my favorite of the model-actors.

Until now.

Reaction gifs (part 1)


Just Hell Yes!!! ( I have more adjectives but they do contain many excited expletives)


It would be ON and POPPIN as soon as I entered this door:)